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  A secret that most internet gurus won't reveal to you is that a lot of money is being made from playing online games.
What you will benefit if you start using this system: 
  • Make $1 every 10 seconds
  • Withdraw daily to your local bank account
  • Very easy and straight forward game, not technical or calculation
  • No more waking up by 5am rushing to work and returning by 11pm.
  • No more answering to any boss.
  • Live a life of your own.
                     With this system You are assured
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Have you ever heard of the word Make Money Playing Online Game?”
I'm sure you have!
Many people have heard about it but the problem is that they don't have an idea of how it works. Making money online is not all about selling, Advertising, Promoting affiliate products or other sort of work at home jobs just as you were meant to believe.
There are platforms whereby people make thousands of dollars online daily, playing simple online game from the comfort of their homes and this is exactly what I am about to reveal to you from A-Z (100% open secret).
I'm not promising that you will make millions overnight just like most of these internet marketing gurus do. This is not such a "Get Rich Quick" kind of stuff.  You will make your money here depending on how serious you are with the game as it's as simple as ABC.
Today, I earn over $50 to $100 online
         every single day playing this online game.
 There are days when I even earn up to $300/day.
           You too can start making this money right from today.
               Yes, I mean right from the first day you join!
           The game sites pay you daily to your bank account,
            so there's no need of you waiting too long and wasting 
             your precious time just to confirm if it works or not. 
                     Why not keep reading and give it a try.
I advise you to read to the end of this page to understand fully how to start making money online starting from today.
On the game sites there are various types of games from Action, Adventure, table and card games. We won't be playing any of all these games but a particular game inside this same site. They hardly advertise it on the homepage of the site because they know that the advantage of winning on this particular game is over 97%.

This is what the game site looks like, but remember we are not playing any of the games on this game screen. Keep reading to see what the particular game I am talking about looks like.
The good part of this game is that you don't have to wait for months before you start making money. You will start making money right from the first day of joining the site and you can cash out daily and not like other money making sites that pay you monthly. Do not doubt it, read on and see for yourself.
Too much of the hype? Now let's begin.
How does the game work?
The game I am talking about is not an Action, Adventure or a Sport game but a simple game of prediction. The game is just a simple online game where you have to predict between two colors (Red and Black). If your prediction is correct you win $1 and your winning result will be displayed on the screen instantly, then you proceed to click and predict again to win another $1 and so on.
Each prediction takes less that 10 seconds to show result and that means you can keep predicting for the next 1 hour and earning $1 with every correct prediction using the strategy I have provided below.
If you keep predicting for the next 1 hour and all your predictions are correct, your total winning would be around $100 or more.

The name of the game is called a Roulette Game. This is what the game looks like below. 

NOTE: Those who have played a roulette game in the past should know that my strategy is not one of those “old sequence method” or other method that you have been using or hearing about or using. Here we are using the real winning method of Red and Black called Zig-Zag. Google “How to make money daily with Roulette and see how high the winning power is and how people are making thousands of Dollars and Euro from it daily, but I bet you will never get the strategy from your Google search without someone putting you through with proper explanation and that's why I am here.
Don't get distracted by all the numbers and colors you see on the game screen. What we are playing is only on the bigger RED and BLACK circle on the table. Forget about any other thing you find on the table and focus only on your Winning RED and BLACK color.
Remember I said earlier that all you need to do on the game is “Click on Red or Black only” and your result will show up.
So simple that even a primary school pupil can play it.
Once you are satisfied with your account balance you can proceed to click on withdrawal and then you will be asked to confirm the account details you used during registration. Approval of your account confirmation will take less than 24 hours and after that your money will be sent to your provided account. They need you to confirm your account so they can be sure it's the real owner of the account who's receiving the money.

 That is why I always recommend UBA AfriCard or any visa card /GTB Naira master card for those in Africa and any visa or master card, skrill, paypal, Netteller for those in other countries. 

This game can be played from every country.
If you are playing from USA, I advise you use online accounts like skrills, Paypal,  Netteller or the moneybookers in general. Visa and master card is not allowed in the USA.
Here are details of some latest winners on the site.
While at the homepage of the site, you will notice the display of latest winners popping up on the screen just like the ones you can see in the picture below.

They also offer up to 15 different payment methods:
Visa, Master, Ucash, Check, Paypal, Webmoney, Net-teller, Bank Wire, Skrill, Payza, Bank Transfer etc.

Remember that you can't just win or beat the game ordinarily but with a particular strategy that has been confirmed as a huge loophole on the game sites. That strategy is what I will be teaching you and I assure that you will start generating money from the first day. This strategy have been proved to work perfectly by several game lords and internet marketing gurus.
That's where I come in!
The game works with a particular strategy and that strategy is what I have been using to beat the system hands down and making more than $50 to $100 daily. There are people out there who use this system and strategy to net tens of thousands of dollars online monthly but they will never tell anyone about it.
Recently, some of them have been calling and threatening me for revealing the strategy but they seem to have forgotten that they also discovered this strategy from someone else.
I clearly remember an incident that occur on 23rd Nov 2013 during a seminar at Ikeja where some guys trooped into the hall claiming that they were the ones who brought the game and strategy into the country and no other person have the right to use it without paying them 800,000 Naira for training licence. They proceeded and destroyed the projector and laptop computer I was using to conduct the seminar.
Would that stop me from teaching? Hell NO!
There are 4 sites where I earn this $50-$100 or more daily, and the way I earn is that I join the 4 sites and play on each of them one after the other earning me $30 to $50 from each site which total up to $100 or more per day. 
After you must have made $30 from each of the 4 sites totaling up to $100,  you will then have to log out and return back to the site next day to earn another $30 from each of the 4 sites. That's exactly how I am able to make more than $100+ daily and there are times where I could even go as far as making $60 from each of the 4 sites making $200 to $300 a day, but I do this bigger earning only once as week and that's mainly on Saturdays. 
 You can pick a particular day of the week for earning a bigger amount while the rest 4 days will be to earn $30/site.
Making $30 shouldn't take you more that 30 to 40 minutes minutes which means that in 2 hours you should be making over $100. This is what most of those Lekki and Island big boys do but they will never let you know.
I have taught many people about this game and they have been posting good testimonies on facebook and twitter about their success. I get lots of emails daily with “thanks” from my students.
               If they can do it then you too can!
             The game does not involve and form
                  of mathematical calculations.
        it's simply “click and get result”.
What's needed for withdrawing your winning is the UBA AfriCard (for Nigerians and other payment methods for those outside Nigeria). I focus more on Nigerian payment simply because most of the online sites do not accept African payment method. This package is fully for every country so don't exclude yourself

UBA AfriCard is a Prepaid ATM card issued by UBA Bank and it cost only #1,500 at any UBA Bank and will be given to you instantly or in 2 business days. Any body can purchase it whether you are a UBA customer or not. You don't need any form of online or foreign account to be able to withdraw your money.
I am not one of those so called internet gurus who tells you how they make $1,000,000 online every single day through a particular autopilot software. How they get up from bed every morning to find their account filled with another $10,000 thanks to their Autopilot software and how they travel all over the world on vacation with their family.
You have probably heard enough of all those get-rich-quick type of stories over and over again. What I want you to know is that there's no automatic or robotic ways of making money here . It all depends on your seriousness and commitment. What I am about to show you is straight to the point so no beating around the bush.
Like I said, what I do to make money is that I play online games and the games are 4 in number. On each of the game site you will be earning around $30 to $50. Here's my breakdown when I first started playing on the game sites.
  • On my first day of joining the game site I played only on 1 site out of the 4 game sites given to me because I wasn't too sure of it. At the end of the day I was able to earned $20.
  • On day 2, I joined 3 of the sites and I earned $45 from the 3 sites. I began to see what I have been missing.
  • On day 3, I played on the 4 game sites and I earned about $20 to $40 from each of the 4 sites which made it $120 for just playing simple game online. Ever since I have been earning higher.

My two power strategies for beating the game hands down are:

    1. Zig Zag
     2. Probability table
With these 2 strategies you will have greater power over the game in the sense that you will be able to predict the next coming color easily.
Although there are days I have to spare that I don't play the game ( I play 5 days a week and spare 2 days). This is because when you are a regular winner the game site will begin to monitor your activities to find out the king of strategy you use. That doesn't mean they ll hold your payment. They must pay you first before anything else.
Why I love the game sites is that they don't seize your money as most of those online money making sites like Click Bank affiliates, Google adsense and Fiverr do. 
Don't worry about account being placed on hold, It only affect those who tries to earn too high. It won’t affect you as long as you follow my rules and don't try to earn higher than the limit I have set down for you to follow. Some people always go against the simple rule, become too greedy and begin to earn over a $200 per site which makes it about $800  to $1000 per day, so tell me why the game site won't believe that you are using a particular winning strategy. 
                            Don't get Greedy.
I still remember Samuel from Ireland who made over $1,230 in one night. Umarr from Pakistan who made $1,656 on his very first day of playing the game and also Mrs Sophia from Nigeria who made $2,100 on her first day. Despite all the warning and rules that was laid down, they got greedy and followed their selfish interest. They started calling and were explaining bitterly what happened, and i reminded them about the "Never Get Greedy" warning I told them  about.

These people had serious issues while trying to withdraw their money from the site. They had to submit several documents, agreement letter etc and it took them over 3 months for their earnings to be approved. During the approval period they had to put their account on hold till they got their money released after the 3 months. They could See how much they had lost during the 3 months hold. If they were to be making $50- $60 per day for the 3 Month that would have been cool $4500 or more. Now you see what greed has caused. 

 The fact about this game is that any player is allowed to earn about $5,000 a day which occurs regularly, but the problem is that this big $5,000 limit is being approved only to the old top players who are well recognized and have been playing on the site for years.
Mind you, not just any type of online game! But a particular online game that pays directly into your Nigerian or local bank account. You don't have to go through the process of using foreign accounts like Paypal, Payoneer, Payza and all the other pay-pay-pay accounts.
This is why I advice my new students to stick to $30 on each site per day. If you earn $30 on each of the 4 site, that will be $120/day so I think this amount is enough for a starter
You should only increase your daily earning to around $50-$80 on each site per day if your account have used up to 8 months with them and then increase to a higher amount as your account last longer with them. 
This way they already see you as a regular player and won't want to lose you. For those who are already playing on this game sites already, if you are reading this please take to my advice and never ever go above the limit as I have mentioned above.
Here's a break down of the winning system:
On game site 1 you earn =$30
on game site 2 you earn =$20
On game site 3 you earn =$30
On game site 4 you earn =$20
Remember that your earnings per day should be fluctuating in the sense that you shouldn't concentrate on earning $30 every single site a day. Stop at $20 or $25 at times and increase to $30 at times. This method will help your account stand fit. "please always obey this rule, it's very important"
                                      Today I earn over $50 to $100 online
                                   every single day playing this online game
                                             from the comfort of my home
I have organised several seminars in Lagos, Ibadan , Abuja and Republic of Benin (North American University) with great success rate and good testimonies from those I have taught. The same money making game and strategy is what I am about to reveal to you in an ebook and video tutorial.

I have made it very simple and clear in a PDF eBook and video tutorial which will take you step by step by the hand and teach you exactly how it works. This is mainly for those who have be calling me and have always wanted to learn this money making game from outside Lagos and outside Nigeria. 
Remember like I said before , this game is for every country. I focused on Nigeria because of its payment method.
What you will be needing is a personal computer and if you don't have one yet then you can make use of a cyber cafe for a start.
I also started from a cyber cafe with about 30 minutes walk away from home. 
You only need 2 to 3 hours per day and I know in less than 8 to 10 days you should have made enough money from the game to purchase your own personal laptop computer.
I usually charged N50,000 Naira ($220) for 1 on 1 training then when I used to do it, but due to the high amount of calls I receive daily asking when I will be available online to teach them. So, I decided to take my time with my team and put down the tutorial into ebook and video to sell in a much more lesser amount so that everyone can partake in it. I understand the situation of the country and I have chosen to make it very much affordable for everyone.
I have met some internet gurus who are charging over 200,000 naira for training you on how to start making money with this same online game. Although the price they charge is worth it but it's far too expensive for an average person to afford. So I believe I should get some thanks from you for bringing the secret to your doorstep.
The game is very easy to understand like I said earlier and it's going to take you just about 1 hour to fully go through the ebook and video to understand how this simple money making game works.
Since you have been reading through this page, you will notice that the game doesn't have too many description or technical terminologies like Forex, Binary Options, Sport betting, Lotto and others.  
It's simply one click and result will show up.
The video and ebook can be downloaded on your computer or mobile phone so you don't have to worry about how and where to watch the video or read the ebook after purchasing the package. The game sites have a practice play version to help you master the game better.
You can also download the practice play version of the game and play it for a while to enable you understand how it works .
I am giving this package plus some free bonuses to my first set of buyers at about
70% off the normal price but for the main time.
So how much do you think I should sell this package? Let's find out below.
Other internet marketers will be very strict when placing such valuable material on sale. I recently conducted a survey on my international email list and followers just to get their suggestion on how much they think I should sell the product after I finish creating it. 
Some suggested $700, some $500, some $400, some $350, some $200 and $180 which was the least suggestion. 
I also conducted the same survey on my Nigerian Email list and followers and here are their suggestions. Some suggested 50,000 naira, some suggested 30,000 naira the normal 1 on 1 training price, some 25,000 naira and some 20,ooo naira which was the least . I definitely knew no one would want to suggest lesser because they have all seen the worth of the product which they have long been awaiting. 
I'm also very confused on what amount to charge. I believe no matter the charges, you will benefit a thousand times what you have spent investing on this material.
                                        In life you must give to receive.
                         It has been proved that if a valuable product
                       is being given out for free to the public, 95% of
                      people who got the product won't take it serious
                                               simply because it's free.
This is why I clearly believe in the saying
Gold can never be found for free on the surface of the Earth.”
Here are some of the ADVANTAGES you will gain from this training kit:
  • Start earning money right from the first day after joining the site. No waiting for days to receive verification or confirmation, Instant approval.
  • Make $50 to $100 or more starting from today.
  • Withdraw your money anytime any day. Minimum withdrawal is $20/day and max is $5,000/day.
  • Make $1 every 10 seconds after prediction.
  • Withdraw using your local bank account(GTB Naira Master card, Visa card and UBA Africard.) I recommend using UBA Africard for Nigerians, it's faster and can be purchased at UBA Bank for 1,500 Naira only even if you are a UBA customer or not.
  • Only 2 to 3 hours of work per day.
  • No more answering to any boss.
  • No more waking up very early to beat hold up.
  • You will be 100% independent.
·         ********************************************************* 
·         Testimonies from some of my students:
Akubo John, Lagos= I made $320 on my first week. I'm sending you this message with gladness. I look forward to begin again by Monday. Thanks Bro.
Dallington O, Abuja= This is the 3rd product I have purchased from you on making money online. The first was Making money on clickbank, truly I'm earning cool cash from it and the second was “How to make money when your phone rings”. This one is earning me fast cash about $40/day every time people call my line. But this new one is da bomb. I earned $56 on my first day and today I earn $80. Tomorrow will be higher. Kudos to you.
Folake Fajumobi, Ekiti=  I'm really sorry for the late testimony I promised to send. Just want to thank you for giving me a new life. My earning has increased x2 from the last time I sent in testimony. I am now earning the $60-$570 per day but it pains me that I have to skip 2 days from a week and play 5 days. You've a better reason.Thank you very much Master.
And much more...........
These are just few of the testimonies I receive daily but space will not permit me to add more. If these people can do it then you too can do it!. I'm looking forward to receive your testimonies too.

 Here are some of the BONUSES you will gain from this training:
  • How to earn your first $100 from the game site as start up bonus.
{This secret is worth 35,000 Naira}
(The game sites usually reward new members with some mouth-watering bonus amount but not every player knows about this). This is one of the greatest bonus I will reveal to you inside the ebook. Most people get from $50 to $100 depending on some requirements. Once you visit the game website, that mighty free bonus display will be the first thing that will capture your attention but how do you get it?
All that will be explained is inside the ebook. 

{This product is worth 25,000 Naira}
How to become a pro Six figure blogger like JOEL COMM of, JOHN CHOW of and LINDA IKEJI of .
These are ordinary people like you and I who earn steady monthly income online doing nothing but posting contents on their blogs.
Have you always wanted to own a big money making blog like that of the famous Linda Ikeji and others then here's the secret of how to boost your blog to a greater height.
  • Click bank cash generator.
{This product is worth 20,000 Naira}
How to make $1000 on clickbank in your first 1 month. Click bank is a market place where digital products are being sold. If only you know the secret of clickbank , you could be earning up to $100/day from the site as a newbie and withdraw into your Payoneer ATM account or Transfer to your local bank account using the newly discovered transfer method.
Payoneer is a USA Bank account + ATM card and can be used in any part of the world.
If you need a payoneer card just go to and apply for the card . It will be sent to your doorstep in 2 to 3 weeks time. Do not buy any ebook that teaches how to get a USA Visa or Master card. It's this same payoneer card they are talking about.
You will equally get bonus worth over 205,000 Naira. These bonuses are the best set of right materials to kick you start into making more money online.
These quality materials I will be giving out together with my Online money making game manual for only a little amount. All the above bonus materials is worth over 205,000 Naira if you were to purchase them online from the sellers.
I have made it possible for you to get them all free. All bonus materials will be sent to you in the same package with the online game training material after you make purchase of the money making game manual.
This package will be given out at a very affordable price.
Really I am still very confused like I said earlier on the price to sell it but unfortunately I have decided to give it out for a lesser price.
This information is priceless. Even if I charge 200,000 naira for it, I bet it's worth the price.
Then how much does it cost?
Should it be sold for =N= 100,000 ?,.......No!
     Do you suggest =N= 80,000 ?,.......No!
        What about =N= 65,000 ?,.......No!
 I think it's ok with =N= 50,000 ?,.......No!
             Ok, it's =N= 35,000 .,.......No!
Oh, I remembered I promised to give it out at an affordable price !
Then how much?
Like I said earlier that I will give it out at a more cheaper rate, so I am giving out my valuable secret to you for a promotional price of just=N=30,000 Only. 

But we are running a promo for this month. The PROMO PRICE IS =N=15,000
This offer is valid for a limited time, So Hurry Now!
Here is how to make payment for the online money game package: For Nigerians 
If you are from outside Nigeria call +234-8053204979  

Bank Payment.
Make a bank deposit, online, ATM or Mobile transfer of =N= 15,000 into the bank details below.

Account Number: 0004129528

After payment kindly send an SMS to the phone number below. 
 08053204979 with the keyword “Formula Payment”. 
then, specify your:
  1. Depositor's Name.
  2. Phone Number.
  3. Teller Number{for bank deposit}
or send Transaction ID if you pay with Online transfer, ATM or Mobile transfer}
  1. Email address.
Having done that your package will be forwarded to you immediately.
You are confident of making money with this Game.
The game is as simple as ABC that even a 5 years old kid could understand it perfectly.
Now you see how simple and fast making money with this program is.
You don't need any technical skills or computer knowledge to play this game. All you need to do is just click on either RED or BLACK Color on the game screen and the result shows up in less than 10 seconds, no waiting too long to see your winning result.
So what are you still waiting for?
Get on the game now, purchase your material and start making money. This could be your greatest opportunity.Time awaits for no one.
   What are my jobs?
                               I have no other job than playing this
                              simple online game and making steady
                           income from home. Secondly I blog for fun.

                               What are you still waiting for?
                                     Grab your copy fast 
Since you have been reading through this page, you will notice that the game doesn't have technical terminologies like Forex, Binary Options, Sport betting, Lotto and others. It's simply one click and result will show up.

This is not just an ebook but a training package in video plus e-manuals.